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As part of our COVID-19 protocol, we are now requiring our patients to undergo an Optomap® Retinal exam in lieu of dilation to evaluate the inside lining of the eye. This procedure is being performed to lessen the time spent in our office. There is an additional fee of $35 for this test which is often not covered by insurance plans, as it is considered a health screening. However, it can be billed to a medical insurance plan if there is a retinal disease diagnosis. Please speak to our staff for more information.

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You Deserve a 20/20 Break!

We have recommended to our patients that you look away from your computer monitor every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.  This is sometimes difficult to remember when you are focused and "in the zone".

Now there is a helpful program available to help!

BreakTaker is a free download that will remind you to take that break that your eyes, neck, back and wrists need.