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When Did You Last Have a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Each May, eye care professionals throughout country participate in Healthy Vision Month. When did you last have a comprehensive eye exam? Checking your eyes annually is one of the best steps you can take to ensure your vision remains healthy. During your session, your eye care professional checks your eyes to look for common eye diseases and vision issues, many of which lack early warning symptoms.

Your examination commences with what's known as a visual acuity test through the use of an eye chart to assess how good your sight is at several different distances. The outside of your eye will also be assessed.

After these tests are finished, your eye care professional may examine your retina using specialized diagnostic technology. This matters greatly, because it will tell your optometrist crucial information about the state of your eye health, as well as information about your general health. For example, it can reveal signs of diseases such as diabetes and also point to unhealthy blood pressure.

You will also be screened for signs of glaucoma. Your optometrist will do this by measuring your eye pressure, using a rapid puff of air directed onto the eye.

It's time to care for your vision. Make your eye health a foremost concern, and book an examination today.